Want to volunteer at Camp Nefesh this summer? Awesome! Here's a step by step list to make it happen!

Please note: Our summer 2020 leadership positions are set, though we are accepting floater/set up/clean up crew applications on a rolling basis.

Volunteers for Summer 2020 will primarily be working online to help us transition to Camp Nefesh @Home


Do your research

Take some time to learn more about who we are and what we do. Explore our website, read our blog and articles, follow us on social media, and more! Read our job descriptions and decide how you'd like to help us out. (Pick your top 3 jobs you'd be interested in to add to your application) 

Job descriptions



Now that you know more about Camp Nefesh, and you know how you want to help, you can start filling out your application! We also require that you submit a resume with your application. Don't know how to write a resume? No worries! We will host resume writing workshops!




Now that you've submit your application and resume, we will review it, and contact you to schedule an interview. Nervous for the interview? Don't be! Now that we know who you are on paper, we'd like to get to know you in person. We will also host interview workshops to help you prepare. 

Application (again in case you missed it the first time)

Camper Registration

Thank you for your interest in Camp Nefesh! This summer, we are doing Camp Nefesh @Home. If you are interested in receiving a Camp Nefesh @Home package, please contact Opening Doors Inc.   /  3600 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95818

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