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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to be a camp counselor, but I'm not available on certain dates. Can I still apply?

Though we prefer our counselors to be available throughout the entirety of Camp Nefesh, we understand there may be scheduling conflicts. Even if you aren't able to attend the entire time, we still invite you to apply and specify the dates you are unavailable on your application. 

Why are the weeks repeating programming?

In order to accommodate as many campers as possible, we split the camp into multiple sessions, with about 50 campers in each session. The weeks will be the same, so both groups will have the same amazing summer experience.

I want to volunteer but am not yet 13. How can I help?

Unfortunately, we can not have volunteers under 13 at Camp Nefesh, as our campers range in age from 4-17, and it is difficult for our younger staff to distinguish their roles from campers. We do, however, have an opportunity this year for kids who want to be involved in Camp Nefesh, but aren't old enough to be volunteers. We encourage anyone younger than 13 to join us for Community Day and to apply to be counselors in future years for Camp Nefesh! If you are under 13 but would like to help support Camp Nefesh behind the scenes, we can always use help collecting donation items. Please contact us if you might be interested in running one of our donation drives.

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